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A brief information about ‘Homunculus’

Hi everyone,

you all may have heard about the so called organism, “Homunculus”. If not, then you are surely lucky because today in this post you are going to get a brief information on this organism.

First, let’s see what the Latin term for  Homunculus is because scientific language is really hard to understand, isn’t it?

The Latin term for “Homunculus” is known as “little man” because it is a microscopic organism, but it fully forms into a human. Yes, that’s us. You all must be wondering that why it is known as little man? Well, there’s a weird fact behind this so called Homunculus. The weird fact is that there is one Russian Youtuber who claims to have create an organism like Homunculus by injecting his sperm into a chicken egg.

Weird right? Many people claim it’s fake while some say it’s not fake at all. We have been following updates on this so called Homunculus, you can find the videos down below:

It’s a playlist following the special updates, I will go in with a little bit of details of what I have seen is that the scientist managed to be successful in his experiments and out of the success he got, he managed to create two Homunculus by just injecting his sperm into a chicken egg.

As development of these Homunculus goes on, he decides to then put them both together and see what they do. The results were amazing! They both somehow merged together and formed extraordinary features of which no human being ever had. It could spit poison, it developed teeth, it could electrify anything inside the water as said by the scientist; it is used as a defense mechanism.

The most scary fact is that the Homunculus then started eating food with only human blood in it. For more information, I suggest you visit the playlist and start your investigation on this so called organism, Homunculus.

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