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Are AI robots going to take over the world?

Hi everyone,

as technology is expanding further, there are many possibilities that the human race could go extinct because of the advanced technology that are being developed such as AI robots.

AI stands for “Artificial Intelligence” and is just like developing a human brain from where they can store important information, make them learn new things just like a human being. The thing is that by making use of the AI technology, they have been developing robots  which can do human tasks and much more like a human would. If someone wants they can even program them to take over the world but who knows? As these AI robots are being developed, they are learning new things just like us and experiencing them which can lead them to do many humanly tasks possible and can even lead to a plan to destroy the human race.

So, think clearly. The AI robots have been made to act humanly as possible, think like a human would and even do many humanly tasks. It’s your choice to decide, will they or will they not take over the world?


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