Hundreds are evacuated from Hawaii after two feet of rain falls in just 24 hours triggering landslides and flooding

Hundreds of people have been evacuated from Kauai, Hawaii, after 2ft of rain lashed the island in just 24 hours causing heavy flooding and landslides. By Monday afternoon, emergency crews evacuated 152 people […]

SOTT Earth Changes Summary – March 2018: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs – Video

Four Nor’easters hit the East coast of the US and Canada this March, bringing arctic conditions and meters of snow, leaving millions without power, disrupting traffic and destroying crops. Interestingly enough, the […]

Severe thunderstorm, snow and tornadoes wreak havoc across New Zealand

  A complex low crossed New Zealand on Tuesday, April 10, 2018, bringing heavy rain, strong winds and destructive tornadoes, tens of thousands of lightning strikes and low-elevation snow. At least 30 […]

Apocalyptic hailstorms slam Saudi Arabia: Hundreds of camels and sheep killed in the desert (photos and videos)

This is insane! Apocalyptic! A series of powerful hailstorms are hitting Saudia Arabia since the beginning of the month. The rare April hailstorms killed hundreds of sheep and lambs in the middle […]

Dust storm kills three in Uttar Pradesh, India

A massive dust storm hit many parts of central and eastern Uttar Pradesh, India, on March 30, 2018, killing three people. The storm disrupted traffic and caused power outages in many locations and […]

Storm chaos to SMASH Britain: Brian hurtling towards UK

Gales of up to 80mph will rage throughout today, sparking warnings of flying debris, travel chaos and coastal flooding. The Army was on standby as the Environment Agency issued 32 flood alerts and two more serious flood warnings urging “immediate action”. Safety campaigners have advised elderly and vulnerable people to stay indoors. While the strength of the wind will …

Tornadoes kill four in Texas as severe storms lash southern US states

Tornadoes have ripped through the US state of Texas, killing at least four people and injuring dozens of others. Severe storms in neighbouring states also left five people dead, including three people killed by flooding and winds in Arkansas. Rushing water swept away a car, drowning a woman in Missouri, and another death was reported in Mississippi. […]

New Zealand towns hit by ‘once in 500-year flood’ as cyclone Debbie sweeps in from Australia

State of emergency declared in parts of North Island after rivers burst banks amid extreme winds brought by tail-end of ex-cyclone Debbie.  A “once in 500-year” flood is swallowing up large parts of the east coast of New Zealand, as the tail-end of ex-cyclone Debbie sweeps east after devastating large parts of Australia. States of emergency […]


Israel Hits Peak of Massive Record-Breaking Heat Wave

Children run among fountains as Israeli families refresh themselves in a waterpark on a hot day, at the City Park in the southern Israeli city of Beer Sheba. Brush fires rage through the country and hundreds suffer from heat-related maladies as a massive, record-breaking heat wave reaches its peak, with temperatures shooting up mercilessly from […]