Signs 24 – Tracking the Tipping Point

In April 2018, we published Signs 23 – A Turn for the Worse, in which our tentative hopes for a statistical plateau were dashed.  With the current data for April 2018, we see that the overall trends for sustained or marginally increasing trends in the data are persistent. Another trend is exhaustion due to search […]

Signs 23 – A Turn for the Worse

In March 2018, we published Signs 22 – The Beginning of a Plateau? Due to the slight partial decline in the datasets; we raised a hopeful question. Do we see the beginning of a plateau? When we analyzed the data for March 2018, our tentative hopes were dashed by what is apparently a turn for […]

Doomsday Dave is back with a fresh batch of Planet X potpourri

Jamaica connection I recently took a trip to Jamaica and met Petouchia who is a cab driver who waits in the lobby of the RIU hotel waiting for customers. I learned that Petouchia is a prepper as he believes that something bad is going to happen but is not sure what. He did get the talk on Planet X from … Continue reading

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Signs 21 – Awareness and Discretion

In January 2018, we published Signs 20 – 2017, Worst Ever for Earthquakes and Fireballs, we presented the final fireball and earthquake trends for all of 2017. The findings presented in that article were so  bleak, they brought us to the end of the year with a troubling question, “what does this portend for 2018?” […]

Signs 19 – Global Critical Mass in 2018?

Here we are, just weeks away from 2018 and for the vast majority of those yet untouched by destruction, all is damnably well with the world, so shop till you drop and enjoy the holidays. For those in denial about what is really at stake, the empirical data this article will present will as usual, […]

Signs 18 – A Sense of Foreboding

For those in awareness, we’ve entered a time of foreboding, with pervasive feelings that something bad will happen. Conversely, the vulgar attacks and harangues of those in denial are worse than ever before. This makes this a peculiar time where the egos of the deniers are inflated as never before, despite the growing evidence that […]

Signs No. 17 – Crustal Undulation

From its inception, this series has touched on several different issues, but with a constant focus on two empirical Planet X data sets: fireballs and earthquakes of all magnitudes for three reasons. Both, are considered to be critical harbinger sign datasets, they cannot be easily manipulated, and both continue to show persistent and worrisome trends. […]

Waiting for the next catastrophe

Arrived back from Mexico on the 23rd September without incident, I am pleased to say. I met a couple from Jersey (USA) named Ed and Deb and they were great company. Yes, the conversation got around to Planet X and I think I made a believer out of Ed–well, at least he was going to look deeper into the subject. … Continue reading

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Signs No. 16 – A Possible Fix on Nemesis?

In this 16th installment in this series, we’re going to take a look at the significant trends with the two datasets we routinely track, earthquakes of all magnitudes and fireballs. We are also going to use four observations reported on our website to present a possible fix on the current location of the Nemesis brown […]

Is There a Houston in Your Future?

Hurricane Harvey is the worst storm to hit the Gulf Coast since Hurricane Katrina. Why didn’t the City of Houston order evacuations before the storm, which left over 30% of the city under water? Perhaps the National Weather Service said it best, “This event is unprecedented and all impacts are unknown and beyond anything experienced.” […]

La Palma and Planet X / Nibiru

Cumbre Vieja (Spanish: Old Summit) is an active although dormant volcanic ridge on the volcanic ocean island of Isla de La Palma in the Canary Islands, Spain, that erupted twice in the 20th century – in 1949, and again in 1971, according to Wikipedia. La Palma Landslide Model – Specifics To model the potential tsunami generated from a collapse of … Continue reading

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West Coast Seismic Alert: 2 Alaskan Volcanoes Erupt As Earthquake Swarms At Mount St. Helens Raise Concerns

Mount St. Helens, Mount Rainier and Mount Hood are all major volcanoes that lie along the infamous “Ring of Fire” that runs down the west coast of the United States, and all of the seismic activity that has been taking place in the region has many concerned about what may happen next.  Earlier this month, […]

Is Planet X Nearing Perihelion?

I recently received an email from Tracy, a new member of Knowledge Mountain Church.  She sent me a link to a video on YouTube titled, Archangel Michael, The Golden Age Has Come posted on the Higher Self channel.  While I tend to sidestep machine voice videos, what caught Tracy’s attention was that this psychic reading […]

Leak Project; Dec 2016, Planet X, Meteor Warning, Mayans had Anunnaki Technology

A cloud of uncertainty hangs over this holiday season with political machinations and numerous reports of significant seismic and volcanic activity. Add to this the concern of an energy pulse due to strike the earth the day after Christmas. For those in awareness, this is going to be an especially difficult holiday season because, on […]

Latest Planet X, Sep 2016, News, Images, Hurricane Mathew, Election Manipulation

This latest interview with Rex Bear, was really enjoyable for me. This time it really didn’t feel like an interview, but two guys sitting down with a pitcher of beer, a pepperoni pizza and thrashing out the woes of the world. While I usually try to avoid current politics, Rex found my hot spot. The […]

Planet X Tribulation Survival Strategy Seminar: Reno, NV, Sunday 10/23/2016 – 1 to 5 PM

Free to the Public, Seating is Limited – Come Learn About: Current Harbinger Signs in the News What’s Coming and How to Organize Security Issues for First Responders In this half-day tribulation survival strategy seminar you will learn how to organize and defend spiritual survival communities of of 100-200 people. Sunday, October 23, 2016 1 […]

Planet X Signs No. 12 for September 15, 2016

If you have been watching the extreme weather, volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, and other events taking place around the world recently, you are aware that the Tribulation has already begun, all around the planet. It is time to get serious about preparing for the worse events that are on the way. Marshall’s new book, Surviving the Planet […]

Planet X Signs — Update No. 11 for July 11, 2016

If you have been watching the extreme weather, volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, and other events taking place around the world recently, you are aware that the Tribulation has already begun, all around the planet. It is time to get serious about preparing for the worse events that are on the way. Marshall’s new book, Surviving the Planet […]

WSO Special Guest – Marshall Masters, July 9, 2016

For many years I’ve spoken about the power of synchronicity — that special way the universe just makes things come together, a way that transcends trivial or coincidental explanations. You might think about an old friend for the first time in years, and the next thing you know your telephone rings. Guess who it is! Or, […]

Planet X Signs — Update No. 9

With this new Signs update for June of 2016 comes more bad news. In a nutshell:  more bad, in more places, and more kinds. While the mainstream corporate media carefully avoids The Big Picture, in this article we are going to explore the causes of two disturbing new trends: exploding homes and tornadoes in Europe. […]


WSO Hangs out with Marshall Masters on May 13, 2016

In this interview Marshall introduces the survival networking strategy he and Jennifer will be presenting at their forthcoming seminar on May 22, 2016 in Dublin, CA (San Francisco Bay Area).  The strategy is ideal for those who cannot afford beans, bullets, and bunkers but who are centered and ready to take action regardless of what […]

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Planet X Signs — Update No. 8

Mild to moderate cataclysms are happening continuously now in the form of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, droughts, unexpected freezes, extreme heat waves, intensifying hurricanes and cyclones, unusually large hailstorms, large numbers of supercell thunderstorms, increasing numbers of deaths from lightning, strangely strong dust devils, waterspouts, and tornadoes, red tide algae blooms killing sea life in […]

New Personal Relocation Webinar Program – Special Introductory Offer 50% Off (Expires April 5, 2016)

In recent years those with substantial financial resources have already formulated and taken action on their own plans to survive the coming tribulation. For those with little cooperation from family and friends and not much money, tribulation concerns are now more urgent and pressing than ever before. For this reason I’ve completely redesigned my relocation […]

Massive E.L.E Coming In September?-media-2

These Weird Times

I’m noticing a clear shift these days. People are becoming more interested in preparation, as though they are standing at the edge of a precipice and unsure of what to do next – they just know they do not want to look down. Unfortunately, most of them are wavering at the precipice and doing the […]

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Planet X: Reality Or Fairy Tail?-media-1

Join Marshall on the 7-Night “Conspira-Sea Cruise”

January 24 to 31, 2016 Aboard the Ruby Princess From Los Angeles to the Pacific Coast of Mexico Ports of Call:  Our 7-night cruise begins in Los Angeles and sails to the beautiful Pacific coast of Mexico. Our ports of call include Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta. Cruise Home Page Cruise Speakers Fees […]

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