Leak Project: Solar Eclipse, 8/21 & The Long Valley Caldera

It has been a while since I was on the Leak Project, and in this interview, Rex Bear came loaded for bear. His hot button issue for this interview was trans-Neptunian objects (TNO) and why so many are being discovered as of late.  What is particularly interesting for me is that many of them validate […]

Signs No. 15 – The Nemesis Cloud

We first began tracking Fireball observations since publishing Planet X Signs — Update No. 1 by J. P. Jones on February 20, 2015. In the subsequent Signs articles and videos, we’ve reported a relentless statistical uptick in fireball observations reported to the American Meteor Society (AMS). Founded in 1911 the AMS is a reliable source […]

Leak Project: Nemesis Entering Perihelion, Latest Orbits & Charts, 2017

In this latest interview with Rex bear of the Leak Project, we discussed my latest article, Is Planet X Nearing Perihelion? at length during the first part of the show. However, most of the show was an opportunity for me to start working on concepts that I’m going to discuss in my next series of […]


In this latest interview with Rex Bear, we begin with why we no longer have a free media. Rather, the media is tightly controlled by a handful of companies and the news is managed just as carefully these days, as it was during the Soviet Union in Russia. How this came about is the same […]

Coast to Coast AM, Leak Project and Survival Wellness Advocacy

There comes a time when you know you need to break from the pack and to follow a new direction. For me, this happened last year as I began working on my latest video, Signs No. 13 – Meteor Warning for 1st Qtr 2017, at the end of November.  After that, I decided that the […]

Leak Project; Dec 2016, Planet X, Meteor Warning, Mayans had Anunnaki Technology

A cloud of uncertainty hangs over this holiday season with political machinations and numerous reports of significant seismic and volcanic activity. Add to this the concern of an energy pulse due to strike the earth the day after Christmas. For those in awareness, this is going to be an especially difficult holiday season because, on […]

Incoming! How will the U.S. Government signal the arrival of Planet X?-media-1

Enduring Armageddon in Survival Communities

In his second two-hour Leak Project interview, Marshall Masters focuses on survival construction and the unique ability of faith-based organizations to quickly adapt and prepare for clear and present dangers. Also covered is how the government is setting us up for gun grabs with disinformation techniques such as crisis actors and other propaganda designed to […]

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