Air strikes have begun Huge Explosions’ heard in Damascus after Donald Trump announcement

LOUD blasts have been heard in the Syrian capital of Damascus following airstrikes by US, UK and France in a co-ordinated response to a suspected chemical attack by the Assad regime.  Donald […]

Rioters take to the streets of Paris the day after French election to protest the new president’s ‘capitalist’ agenda

Newly elected President Emmanuel Macron who has talked up a hard Brexit faced his first test today when a hard-left demonstration in the French capital descended into a riot. Communists and revolutionary groups clashed with heavily armed riot police in the centre of Paris. Thousands of demonstrators gathered at the Place de la Republique calling for ‘resistance’ […]

FRENCH ELECTION: Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron through to final vote

Polls released by the Interior Minister handed Ms Le Pen the victory with 23.6 per cent of the vote compared to Mr Macron’s 22.7 per cent, but in the last few moments they have changed to show Mr Macron is slightly in front. Some of France’s major cities are yet to return their votes, but Ms […]

How the Champs-Elysees attack unfolded: Witnesses describe the moment terror struck on one of the most iconic avenues in the world as ISIS gunman opened fire on police

Eyewitnesses have told of the confusion, panic and terror that erupted on the streets of the Champs-Elysees in Paris last night when an ISIS terrorist opened fire on police. Parisians were forced to cower in restaurants and flee in fear of their lives as Karim Cheurfi, 39, shot dead one policeman and wounded two other officers. The […]