Alex Jones and Project Dragnet

Alex Jones may have just found the smoking gun. His YouTube video has six-figure views as of today. Whereas my book delves into the deep background and the fascinating history of the entire conspiracy, Jones and his colleagues may have stumbled onto the greatest find of the century that indeed validates Trump’s claims. The story goes like this: a certain sheriff … Continue reading

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Alex Jones and Planet X

On January 23, 2016, Alex Jones of and, a long time Planet X denier, made a dramatic about face on the topic of Planet X with his video, Planet X Resurges To Wreck Your Retirement Portfolio. Many who have been following this topic for years are questioning his stance on the topic, which […]

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The contrail con and the chemtrail cover-up

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc (bio and articles / forum) Appearing on the Alex Jones Radio show, Dane Wigington, lead researcher at GeoEngineering Watch, stated definitively that “weather warfare amounts to biological warfare.” “There’s no argument that this is going on.” Unfortunately, there are two arguments currently going on in people’s minds. One is that chemtrails are just a crazy … Continue reading

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