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Gil Broussard has spent years initially trying to disprove the existence of Planet X, but his research led him to the conclusion that not only is Planet X real but it is coming back for another cruise through our solar system. He has compiled tons of data and his research is based on the oldest astronomical records known to man. The Chinese astronomical records opened up Gil’s eyes to what he believes is the frequent visits that Planet X makes to our solar system. When you watch his videos and study his charts and maps, you cannot help but think that he is dead right. He deals only with actual historical records and ties them directly to biblical prophecy, showing how the timelines match uncannily. Below are the links to his charts, maps and more.

Planet X Timeline Charts

  1. 12.77 MB
    10 months ago
  2. 5.84 MB
    9 months ago
  3. 15.31 MB
    10 months ago
  4. 20.82 MB
    1 year ago
  5. 36.31 MB
    6 weeks ago
  6. 17.62 MB
    10 months ago
  7. 7.34 MB
    10 months ago

Planet X Fallout Maps

  1. 3.84 MB
    7 weeks ago
  2. 3.05 MB
    7 weeks ago
  3. 22.16 MB
    7 weeks ago
  4. 1.59 MB
    7 weeks ago
  5. 7.96 MB
    7 weeks ago
  6. 763.73 KB
    7 weeks ago



Second only to Gil Broussard, is Marshall Masters. His scientific approach to his research is fact driven with everything else thrown out the window. His website is and its a great place for additional information from this highly skilled and intelligent researcher.

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