UK 10/16/2017 – Planet X System Ophelia Day

UK 10/16/2017 – Planet X System Ophelia DayOn October 16, 2017, Hurricane Ophelia, the tenth hurricane of the 2017 season made landfall in the British Isles as Storm Ophelia. It came aground in Ireland with measured wind gusts off up to 97 miles per hour (156 kph) and in the process, cleared the skies over Ireland and the UK of pollution and chemtrail spraying residue.

Ophelia also carried smoke and debris from the forest fires it had fanned the previous day in Portugal and Spain. The result was an incredibly unique viewing sky that produced viewing conditions, much as a welder’s glass would do. The result was that hundreds of thousands of residents in the British Isles observed multiple Planet X objects near the sun that day.

The “official” explanation for why people saw what they saw that day, was that the storm had scooped up dust from the Sahara and transported it to the British Isles. Therefore, what people saw that day was a mirage created by African dust. An explanation that no doubt was satisfying for most, who accepted the claim as reasonable without having vetted it.

But what happens in the future, when we begin having similar unique viewing events? When that happens, people will look back on October 16, 2017, as a turning point for the Planet X topic, and in the future, this observation event will likely be remembered as “Ophelia Day.”

Therefore, this article will first examine the Ophelia dust explanation offered by the British mainstream media. It will then present a series of image analysis findings that will defy the dust of a disinformation lie.

Ophelia’s Sahara Dust Explanation

The deadliest hurricane season on record was 1900 with 8,000 deaths. This present season which ends on November 30 is already the second costliest regarding damage, next to the 2005 season and could yet become the most expensive in recorded history.

However, Ophelia, the tenth hurricane of the 2017 season has already earned a unique distinction. It is the first weather event in history to be dismissed as a Star Wars Tatooine event.

The Sun, October 16, 2017
THE FORCE OF NATURE Star Wars fans stunned after ‘two suns’ are spotted in UK sky during storm Ophelia

Bemused Brits have been speculating on if they have been transported to a galaxy far, far away after the baffling solar event

Star Wars Tatooine Two Suns

STAR Wars fans across the UK and Ireland have felt like they’re on another planet as storm Ophelia sweeps in.

A trick of the light caused by the storm scooping up sand from the Sahara has caused it to appear that there are two Suns in the sky.

Before we trust in The Sun’s dismissal, we need to ask a fundamental question about their explanation of how thousands managed to observe two suns over the British Isles on October 16, 2017. That being, “A trick of the light caused by the storm scooping up sand from the Sahara…”

The Sahara sand explanation was echoed by other British media outlets, most notable of which was this report by the BBC.

BBC News, October 16, 2017
Red sun phenomenon ’caused by Hurricane Ophelia’

An “unusual” reddish sky and red-looking sun have been reported across many parts of England.

The phenomenon was initially seen in the west of England and Wales before spreading to other areas.

BBC weather presenter Simon King said it was due to the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia dragging in tropical air and dust from the Sahara.

He added that debris from forest fires in Portugal and Spain was also playing a part.

The dust has caused shorter wavelength blue light to be scattered, making it appear red.

London 10/17/2017

He said: “Ophelia originated in the Azores where it was a hurricane and as it tracked its way northwards it dragged in tropical air from the Sahara.”

This meant dust from the Sahara was brought with it, he said.

“The dust gets picked up into the air and goes high up into the atmosphere, and that dust has been dragged high up in the atmosphere above the UK,” Mr King explained.

The particles in the air cause blue light to scatter, leaving longer-wavelength red light to shine through.

The Met Office said the “vast majority” of the dust was as a result of forest fires in Iberia, which have sent debris into the air and that has been dragged north by Ophelia.

According to BBC Simon King, “Ophelia originated in the Azores where it was a hurricane, and as it tracked its way northwards, it dragged in tropical air from the Sahara.”

So there it is, the mainstream British media is telling us that Ophelia originated in the Azores where it scooped up dust from the Sahara. Do other new reports corroborate this official narrative? No., October 16, 2016
Ophelia is the strongest storm to hit the British Isles in 50 years

Hurricane Ophelia. Ophelia didn’t begin in the tropics at all – it began life as a decaying cold front over the North Atlantic in early October.

Hurricane Ophelia

The storm sat in place for a few days, rapidly strengthening into a hurricane. First, category one was achieved, then two, then on 14 October Ophelia became the easternmost hurricane ever recorded to hit category three – indicating winds of more than 110 miles per hour.

The point here is that disinformation is always uses truth to give a lie credibility. The lie was where Ophelia originated. According to mainstream media, it originated in the Azores which goes to the Sahara dust claim. However, independent sources report that the storm originated in the North Atlantic.

All this raises the obvious question. How does a hurricane that began life as a decaying cold front over the North Atlantic, manage to scoop up sand from the Sahara, carry it thousands of miles to the British Isles then keep it suspended in the air as it’s wind velocities slow to storm levels before it makes landfall? The answer is equally obvious. Ophelia must have started on Tatooine. Well kinda. Maybe? Ah heck, stop thinking for yourself and just buy it, will you?

On the other hand, the truth used to validate the lie was that starting on October 15, 2017, Hurricane Ophelia began fanning wildfires in both Portugal and Spain.

For those who live in the western United States where wildfires are devastating communities and claiming lives, this truth is a reality. Here I can speak from personal experience as a resident of Reno, Nevada.

Each year during fire season, the skies over Reno are filled with the dust, smoke, and particulates of the fires in California. For weeks at a time, we smell the creosote, and the skies are partially obscured by dust and smoke. At times it can be so heavy, that public warnings are given for those with breathing issues to stay indoors.

Another truth the BBC used to validate their Sahara dust lie was “The particles in the air cause blue light to scatter, leaving longer-wavelength red light to shine through.” Here is the meat of the matter. It was this spectral shift that produced temporary viewing conditions, much as a welder’s glass would do. With this in mind, let’s examine observation images from that day.

Multiple Planet X System Objects Observed

Because the planet X system is behind the sun, it is very difficult to observe. As a rule for all objects behind and near the sun, they can only be seen near sunrise and sunset and with favorable viewing skies.

In it’s October 16, 2017, article, THE FORCE OF NATURE Star Wars fans stunned after ‘two suns’ are spotted in UK sky during storm Ophelia, The Sun published a few pictures submitted by readers.

UK 10/16/2017 The Sun

One object is shown at approximately the Sun’s 1 o’clock position and the other approximately at the Sun’s 8 o’clock position. The objects in these two observations are of a different size relative to the sun, location, and distance. This is consistent with an observation of multiple Planet X objects as seen from London.

Were these objects Sahara dust mirages? Were it that simple, there would not have been a rush to cover-up the following day.

London Chemtrails 10/17/2017

The above frame image was captured from a video posted on October 17, 2016 titled Looking red again. 17th Oct. London UK by jaxdreaming

The image shows a classic geo-engineering woven chemtrail spraying pattern and how effective these chemicals are in obscuring near sun object visibility.

Another difficulty with these Ophelia Day observations is the usual lack of provenance. Who took the image or video, from where, when and what direction were they looking in and so forth. However, there were two very interesting videos shot October 16, 2017, from Central London.

Central London Observation Videos

Throughout October 16, 2017, we received numerous links to observation videos and images. In reviewing them, two were of particular interest. Both were:

  • Taken from Central London, UK
  • Posted on Youtube the same day
  • Different aspect ratios

The first was DOUBLE SUN PHENOMENON SPOTTED IN LONDON UK SKIES!!!! published by RodOfIron. In the description section the RodOfIron notes, “Very unusual footage from central London of an of two suns appearing in the sky.”


This video places the object of interest at approximately at the Sun’s 8 o’clock position. The same place as shown in the image published by The Sun as shown above, which was obviously shot with a different camera and from a different location. This raises another question. Can Sahara dust cause a mirage image to appear in the same place with two completely different images?

While debunkers are whipping a nonsense answer to that question, let’s look at the analysis findings for this video which begins with a wide field of view analysis.

UK 10/16/2017 Video 1 - Wide Shot

In this series of wide field of view image frames extracted from the video, We see both objects clearly, and frame 193, but then as the haze and smoke particulates from the fires in Spain and Portugal move across the sky, it becomes nearly obscured by frame 249. Could this be a camera perspective issues? Let’s look at a series of narrow field images captured from the same video.

UK 10/16/2017 Video 1 - Close Up

In the close-up image frames, we see a much more pronounced effect as the haze and smoke particulates from the fires in Spain and Portugal move across the sky. Of particular interest are frames 544, 551, and 562 as these show evolving obscuring effects which partially obscure the object of interest. So is this object of interest in a natural object? For that, we do a gamma test.

UK 10/16/2017 Video 1 - Gamma Analysis

Natural objects or what we call hot objects, either generate their own natural light or reflect the light of another natural object. In this analysis, all of the settings are set to the default values of the original images except gamma. The default gamma setting is typically 1.0, but for analysis, we reduce that to 0.1 to eliminate lens aberrations and flares. In this analysis, we see the heat signature of the object of interest like that of the sun varies minutely from frame to frame.

The second video shot that day from central London was obviously shot with a different camera. Titled, LiveLeak Strange double sun phenomenon in London amazing, it was posted by the Pakistan news Channel


In the description section the Pakistan news Channel notes, “Unusual footage from central London of an illusion of two suns appearing in the sky.” As with the previous video, we’ll begin with the wide field view analysis.

UK 10/16/2017 Video 2 - Wide Shot

In Frame 195, we see the sun and the object of interest. However as the haze and smoke particulates from the fires in Spain and Portugal move across the sky, We once again see the same obscuring effect until frame 251, where the object of interest is nearly obscured.

This raises an interesting question. If you begin with a completely obscured object, will the pattern reverse itself? In the narrow field images analysis, we get our answer.

UK 10/16/2017 Video 2 - Close Up

In this narrow field analysis, we began with frame 300 where we see the sun. However, the object of interest is obscured. But then by frame 390, the haze and smoke particulates from the fires in Spain and Portugal have moved across the sky sufficiently to reveal the object of interest. Now let’s look at the gamma analysis findings for the second video.

UK 10/16/2017 Video 2 - Gamma Analysis

What is most particularly interesting about the gamma analysis of the second video, is that it shows the dynamic nature of visibility changes in viewing conditions such as these. As with the previous video, again, we see that the object of interest in this second video passes the gamma test.

And then finally the actual field of view. What was missing from mainstream media reports was the claim that a known object such as the planets Venus and Jupiter were part of the Sahara dust effect. Nonetheless, a final analysis of the field of view from London that day is in order.

UK 10/16/2017 Sky Chart

Using the best estimate, we place the time at 5 PM local for the two observation videos captured late in the day from two separate sources in the central London area. What we see in this field-of-view analysis is that there are no major cataloged objects anywhere within the field-of-view where we see are objects of interest appearing.

This brings us to an interesting aspect of the three different observations shown in this article.

Angle of View Differences?

The two images published by The Sun show an object of interest at the 1 o’clock and 8 o’clock positions relative to the sun.

UK 10/16/2017 The Sun

In the first video, we see the same object at the 8 o’clock positions relative to the sun. So at this point, we have an image at the 1 o’clock position relative to the sun, and another image plus a video with an object of interest at the 8 o’clock position relative to the sun.

However, we see what appears to be a third object of interest at the 5 o’clock position relative to the sun in the second video. So do we conclude that we see three separate Planet X system objects of interest? Perhaps not as our two videos could be showing us the same object of interest, but from two different angles of view.

UK 10/16/2017 Viewing Angle

While reviewing the two videos, I noticed something during the analysis that I found quite interesting. Not only were the objects of interest of the same size relative to the sun and at the same approximate distance, but there was also a third aspect that intrigued me.

Using my graphics program, I drew an arrow from the center of the sun to the object of interest in an image capture from the first video. Then I copied the arrow to an image capture of the second video and pasted the arrow. When I performed a horizontal flip of the arrow, I found that the angle from the sun to the object of interest was the same. The only difference was that of distance which was slight.

For there to be an angle of view difference, there has to be a good deal of distance from the sun to the object of interest which appears in both videos. Such is the case in this analysis, so it can be concluded that we see the sun and an object of interest far behind it from two different angles of view from the ground.

Assuming this is so, then what are we to learn from this angle of view difference between the two videos?

UK 10/16/2017 Location of Nemesis

Given the location of the object of interest relative to the sun in these two observation videos, we can determine the following two things:

Our Object of Interest Could be the Planet Helion

The object of interest in the two videos is the same object and not the nemesis brown dwarf star at the core of the planet X system, Because it’s location is inconsistent with the orbit of our sun’s binary twin. However, it is consistent with an object in orbit around our sun’s binary twin, Such as the Planet Helion in the Planet X system.

Nemesis is Directly Behind the Sun

As I pointed out in my book Surviving the Planet X Tribulation: A Faith-Based Leadership Guide . The North pole of the Nemesis brown dwarf star at the core of the Planet X system is always pointed at our Sun, like the Planet Uranus. In this case, the objects observed on Ophelia Day are the planets in orbit around Nemesis.

Ero, this places Nemesis in conjunction, on the opposite side of the sun and outside the orbit of Earth. Given that Nemesis is centered on the backside of the sun, we can also see that it is either just below the ecliptic (the plane of our solar system) or on it.


We are now living in a time best described as circumstances converging with reality. Over the years, the cover-up, obfuscation and suppression of planet X research has always been a given and is evidenced once again here with these Ophelia Day observations, with The Sun trivializes what people saw calling it a Star Wars Tatooine mirage in the sky created by what the BBC tells us is Sahara dust – a patent lie. So, why flog the horse and belabor the point? It is what it is.

Rather, let’s focus on the significance of Ophelia Day because in the future, which will not be that far off, people will remember what happened on October 16, 2017, over the skies of the British Isles and when lightning strikes twice as the old saying goes, they will know they were played. Then, more will come into awareness that we could have imagined.

To my way of thinking, Ophelia day was the hand of God at work. This time, hundreds of thousands if not a million or more looked up and wondered about what they were seeing and wondering if this was just a one trick pony that would be an interesting footnote in the history books. All of the lies, antics, and suppression of the elites were easily pushed aside by a freakish hurricane, and large numbers of people saw something unusual in the sky.

The next Ophelia Day will not be a footnote. Rather, it will be an even larger wake-up call, and perhaps this is how God intends to play out. To let the forces of evil feel all powerful and clever and to have their day. Then, with the gentle sweep of a cosmic hand, their well-laid plans will run afoul of a greater force.

Bottom line. Last August in Las Vegas, Nevada, remote viewing instructor Maj. Ed Dames Told us we will see Planet X next month and it would be as big as the moon. Mark your calendar and may the force be with us.

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