The Red Haired Giants, Atlantis in North America

The pre-diluvium patriarchs took shelter in underground cities, underground tunnel systems and the high mountains above flood level. When the star visitors returned from the heavens, these grateful patriarchs gave them their loyalty and deified them as gods. In her book, The Secret Doctrine, H. P. Blavatsky links Noah to Enoch, describing the family of Noah as bearing the appellations of the giant Titans and Atlanteans.

In ancient times the world was seen as two parts with one part mirroring the other. The lands of the east, where the sun rose, were known as the Upper World. Their inhabitants were known as the Talans. The lands of the west, where the sun set, were called the Lower or Under World. North America, known as Atala or Atalan was ruled by the Nagas, a class of semi divine beings. The Mahabharata describes them as a handsome race who could either take on the form of human or serpentine. They were not only a civilized people, but a maritime power.

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