Motive of the Elder Gods of Anunnaki Origins

Discover the motive behind the extraterrestrial development of our human species, and the true purpose of supplying ancient guidance and help to the early inhabitants of our planet. Learn how various religious beliefs have been altered since their ancient inception.

The Elder Gods theory addresses these topics, while also answering many other cryptic mysteries, including:
* Did all life within our solar system originate from a common seeded source…a universal spore?
* Was the concept of religion brought to Earth from the stars?
* What role did the Creator have in assisting emerging species throughout the universe?
* Why were specific extraterrestrial gifts bestowed upon humanity during Earth's remote past?
* Discover the method used to impart advanced knowledge to select humans within ancient Learning Academies.
* Uncover the true nature and intent of the Ancient Ones…the primordial and legendary Seven Sons.
* Learn about another species of Elder Gods that followed a malevolent pursuit…and may pose a risk to our solar system.
* Detect how our modern knowledge of cosmology is only now reaching parity with ancient understanding.
* Discover evidence indicating alien bases have existed on our moon since archaic times.
* Does an ancient cosmic protective boundary exist around the territorial space of Earth?
* Is modern UFO activity connected with Ancient Astronauts?
* Why are only sporadic accounts of extraterrestrial visitations mentioned in our ancient texts and records?

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