Heads Up. On April 20/2017/ Tropical Storm Arlene Formed/Atlantic! 720HD

Heads Up. Tropical Storm Arlene formed as the first storm of 2017 on April 20th!
“April 20, 2017 weather. Tropical Storm Arlene formed Thursday in the far off Atlantic, defying stunned forecasters to become the first tropical cyclone of 2017 and only the second named storm in the satellite era to develop in April.
Arlene beat the official June 1 start of hurricane season by more than a month, growing from a subtropical depression hundreds of miles west of the Azores that meteorologists gave little merit.
“I have to add one more surprise to my long hurricane forecasting career,” said National Hurricane Center specialist Lixion Avila, who was on duty Thursday. “Unexpectedly, the subtropical cyclone became a tropical depression this morning, and then it intensified to a tropical storm.”

June 1st is just 6 weeks away but changes in the planet have changed the seasons.
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