Planet X turns the world upside down

I recently received a letter. Part of it is listed below. It proves in my opinion that we are in for a Pre-tribulation Rapture, which may be imminent. Then Planet X appears. “I am a Research Scientist in the Green Energy Field. I captured a great shot of Nibiru on 12/06/2017 @ 06:30 – 08:30. I was standing on the north … Continue reading

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Large Meteorites Incoming Now/RADAR

3200 Phaethon/Geminids
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Earth Passing Thru Comet Debris Trail Tonight

3200 Phaetheon/Geminids
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Astronomers to Check Mysterious Interstellar Object for Signs of Technology – The Atlantic

Back in October of this year our concept of how planets are formed was turned on its head as our solar system welcomed its first guest. Oumuamua, Hawaiian for “first messenger,” bears no resemblance to any space rock ever before detected, nor does it seem to be artificially created by an interstellar life form. So what the heck is it? Fortunately for science, Russian billionaire Yuri Milner is going to use his giga-bucks-investment Breakthrough Listen to find out if the wildly spinning and oddly elongated object is emitting radio waves. Exciting? Yes. As pointed out in this article, the possibility of alien life is very, very small. But it’s not zero. And it’s that not zero that’s got everyone all a-tingley. To quote Milner, “If you look more, everywhere, I think chances are that eventually you will find something.â€� Fingers crossed. (CM)

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The MJ12 Documents: The Government’s Position – Mysterious Universe

We begin with a three-article “Redfernfest” with Nick detailing the early and little-known history of government interest in the MJ-12 Documents. Nick finds that a few loose ends remain in that story. With The Government’s Files on the Men in Black Redfern considers FBI interest in Gray Barker and Albert Bender, whose story about being “hushed up” by “three men in black suits” seems to have as much intrigued the Bureau then as it does us now. In George Adamski: Aliens, the FBI, and the Air Force Nick recounts contactee George Adamski’s public version of his meeting with the Venusian Orthon, and Adamski’s account on same to an FBI and an Air Force Office of Special Investigations agent at his home in January of 1953. The entire Adamski story is a fascinating one, although Nick reports that the photographs Adamski provided the agents were apparently debunked within the government. (WM)

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Gulf Breeze UFO Phenomenon: 30 Years Later, Sightings Still Divide Public – Pensacola News Journal

Troy Moon provides a straightforward piece on the now-30-year-old Gulf Breeze UFO photographic controversy. Moon succinctly lists the major elements of this controversial case, and some reasons pro and con about taking the Gulf Breeze 1987-88 UFO flap seriously. Taking us back even farther is Not Quite a Crop Circle, But… takes us back even farther. Nick Redfern has been rummaging around in old government files again, and here details an Air Force investigation into a September 1952 Arlington, Virginia “lawn circle” which was most likely a “fairy ring”. Nonetheless, the thoroughness with which the USAF investigators and FBI analysts employed on the matter is interesting. Even more fascinating is site-minder Doug Skinner’s Special Cases–The Long Island File (66): Background on the Principal Witness. This analysis by John Keel of his main Contactee contact with the aliens/androids adds much to our understanding of John’s reactions to the “messages” Jaye Paro conveys and hijinks she reports getting involved in. It is truly astounding, as Skinner observes, that all that we’ve been following in Keel’s writings on this subject has taken place over just four months. We also get an inkling of why Keel felt that Paro was not up to knowingly carrying off a hoax. (WM)

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Mothman: Evil Incarnate with Loren Coleman – Other Side Podcast

Loren Coleman is this week’s guest on the Other Side Podcast and he doesn’t disappoint. On Friday, December 15 his newest book Mothman: Evil Incarnate hits the shelves in memory of the 50th anniversary of the Silver Bridge Tragedy. Loren’s summary of misfortunes befalling those who have investigated the Mothman phenomenon, himself included, will leave you chilled, even as he reminds us that accidents can happen to anyone. And if this makes you want to review the origins of the story, Nick Redfern brings us Mothman: From ’66 to the ’67 Bridge Collapse, noting the key incidents that sparked public interest in the 1960s and started the legend/demonization of the Mothman. (CM)

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Alien Probe or Galactic Driftwood? First thought to be a comet, then reclassified as an Asteroid, then just one week later, changed to a NEW classification of interstellar objects. So what is this mysterious object really? Being called The interloper — the first known interstellar body observed within our own solar system — which has been named 'Oumuamua, which means "a messenger from afar arriving first" Formally designated 1I/2017 U1, it was discovered by Robert Weryk using the Pan-STARRS telescope on 19 October 2017, 40 days after it passed its closest point to the Sun. When first seen, it was about 33,000,000 km (21,000,000 mi; 0.22 AU) from Earth (about 85 times as far away as the Moon), and already heading away from the Sun. Initially assumed to be a comet, it was reclassified as an asteroid a week later, then the first of a NEW class of interstellar objects.

ʻOumuamua is a relatively small object, estimated to be 180 by 30 meters (600 ft × 100 ft) in size. It is dark and very red, similar to objects in the outer Solar System. It is moving so fast relative to the Sun that there is no chance it originated in the Solar System, nor can it be captured into orbit, so it will eventually leave the Solar System and resume traveling in interstellar space. ʻOumuamua's system of origin and the amount of time it has been traveling among the stars are unknown.

ʻOumuamua A/2017 U1 has a velocity which is too fast for any existing craft to reach. The Initiative for Interstellar Studies (i4is) has launched Project Lyra for assessing the feasibility of a mission to ʻOumuamua. Several options for sending a spacecraft to ʻOumuamua within a time-frame of 5 to 10 years were suggested. One option is using first a Jupiter flyby followed by a close solar flyby at 3 solar radii in order to take advantage of the Oberth effect. More advanced options of using solar, laser electric, and laser sail propulsion, based on Breakthrough Starshot technology, are also considered. The challenge is to get to the asteroid in a reasonable amount of time (and so at a reasonable distance from Earth), and yet be able to gain useful scientific information. If the investigative craft goes too fast, it would not be able to get into orbit or land on the asteroid and would simply fly past it, moving at many asteroid diameters per second. The authors conclude that, although challenging, an encounter mission would be feasible using near-term technology. That said, astronomers estimate that interstellar objects similar to ʻOumuamua pass inside the orbit of Earth several times per year, thus providing possible opportunities for study whatever the given logistics of space travel.

One thing is for sure, its here, and its not stopping to give us a lot of answers on its way out of town. Could Conspiracy theorist be correct? Was this an Alien Probe of Satellite visiting our solar system from an alien world? We may never know the truth of what or where it came from. Lets all just hope its not the beginning of bigger things to come…

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