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The AI (Artificial Intelligence) Revolution is here. One hundred and sixteen roboticists and AI researchers, including SpaceX founder Elon Musk and Google Deepmind co-founder Mustafa Suleyman, have signed a letter to the United Nations calling for strict oversight of autonomous weapons, a.k.a. “killer robots.” Though the letter itself is more circumspect, an accompanying press release says the group wants “a ban on their use internationally.”

Other signatories of the letter include executives and founders from Denmark’s Universal Robotics, Canada’s Element AI, and France’s Aldebaran Robotics.

The letter describes the risks of robotic weaponry in dire terms, and says that the need for strong action is urgent. It is aimed at a group of UN officials considering adding robotic weapons to the UN’s Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons. Dating back to 1981, the Convention and parallel treaties currently restrict chemical weapons, blinding laser weapons, mines, and other weapons deemed to cause “unnecessary or unjustifiable suffering to combatants or to affect civilians indiscriminately.”

Robotic warriors could arguably reduce casualties among human soldiers – at least, those of the wealthiest and most advanced nations. But the risk to civilians is the headline concern of Musk and Suleyman’s group, who write that “these can be weapons of terror, weapons that despots and terrorists use against innocent populations, and weapons hacked to behave in undesirable ways.”

The letter also warns that failure to act swiftly will lead to an “arms race” towards killer robots – but that’s arguably already underway. Autonomous weapons systems or precursor technologies are available or under development from firms including Raytheon, Dassault, MiG, and BAE Systems.

Element AI founder Yoshua Bengio had another intriguing warning – that weaponizing AI could actually “hurt the further development of AI’s good applications.” That’s precisely the scenario foreseen in Frank Herbert’s sci-fi novel Dune, set in a universe where all thinking machines are banned because of their role in past wars.

The UN weapons group was due to meet on Monday, August 21, but that meeting has reportedly been delayed until January 2018.

It seems inedible that artificial intelligence is going to play a very large part in the future of the human race, just how much is the question here. Are we really destine to take orders from a Terminator bot someday?

What do you think about this? Are you for or against AI Military armed robots and drones policing the world someday?

We always want to know what YOU think!

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Do Videos of Planet X Objects Really Prove Anything?

A few days ago, I received two observation videos from Amber Williamson in Clarksburg, WV. She made both of these videos simultaneously on December 9, 2-17 using two iPhone 7 smartphones. One is her phone and the other belongs to her husband. In her email message to me Amber says, “Marshall, here’s a doozy for […]

Louie, King of the Ebu Gogo – Joshua Cutchin

This piece seems to come  a bit out of left field, but the further you read  the deeper you–quite willingly–go down the rabbit hole. Joshua Cutchin, the author most recently of The Brimstone Deceit, examines both the classic novel and movie The Jungle Book, viewing them through a cryptozoological lens. His ability to draw parallels between purported ancient hominid species and the monkey kingdom in this classic work is oddly enthralling, and whether or not his connections are accurate, Cutchin’s writing is both imaginative and intriguing. Keeping it hairy, Nick Redfern presents us Some of the Most Discussed Pieces of Bigfoot Footage Ever. Redfern focuses on several of the most well known examples of Sasquatch activity, and includes links to video footage. It’s a walk down crypto-memory lane, and it’s very satisfying–poor video quality be darned. (CM)

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UFO or Solar Simulator Claimed over Crazy Horse Memorial – Mysterious Universe

“Sometimes the speculation on what a UFO might be is more informative than the photo or video itself.” So begins Paul Seaburn’s article about two photographs of something apparently hanging over the Crazy Horse Memorial, a monument of the great Lakota leader both near, and perhaps a Native American answer to, Mount Rushmore. If the image captured in the two photos by “Jonathon” isn’t some kind of camera artifact, then it does have more than passing interest. Until such an explanation can be provided, Paul provides some of the wilder possibilities. We’re not as intrigued with Argentina: Not a Bird, Not a Plane…Was there a UFO over Las Heras? Accessing the indicated video frankly doesn’t incline us to reject any potential explanation. With Alleged UFO Photos over China Lake Analyzed Philip Mantle provides more of a back story and four separate analyses of some snapshots supposedly taken ten years ago. Paul Seaburn reported on this case on November 15th at Donuts, Bowls and Rings are the Popular New UFO Shapes. Paul noted then that “Hoax is getting the most votes here,” and it seems that these analyses mostly incline towards the suspicious. (WM)

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Watch: ‘Ghost Child’ Filmed in England? – Coast to Coast AM

Sorry, but we looked at this clip several times and had to use an awful lot of imagination to detect anything remotely ghostly. Having said that, it was probably ridiculously eerie being in that abandoned building and maybe if we’d been there ourselves we would have thought we saw something otherworldly too. Perhaps that British paranormal team should have flown over to Newfoundland, Canada, to find something more camera-worthy: Ghosts on the Loose after Old Canadian Orphanage is Torn Down. Paul Seaburn reports that since opening in 1826 the orphanage was known for abusing its young charges, so it’s not surprising that things got ghostly when the building was converted into a schoolhouse in 1967. The question that remains to be answered is whether its unsettled spirits have found their peace with the building’s destruction, or if they have just transferred their angst elsewhere. (CM)

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The First Men in Black? – UFO Conjectures

Rich Reynolds proposes that Biblical “messengers from God” and modern versions such as apparitions of Mary, the mother of Jesus, share commonalities with the “Men in Black” who supposedly didn’t surface until the so-called “modern UFO era.” Rich continues the examination of humanoid-human communication through the ages with Albert Rosales’ Humanoid Encounters [Redux]. Rich introduces the “1 A.D. – 1899″ Rosales volume with a charming fairy-type account whose sources are George Eberhart and Jerome Clark. Whatever reality may lie behind these stories of non-human message-bearers and denizens of a “Middle Earth,” Rich sees an Incipient Madness (in Ufology and Society), that goes unnoticed by many in both the smaller and the overarching communities. So what’s the difference between “UFO-madness” and the general craziness going on in this world, epitomized by out-of-control social networks that “are starting to erode the social fabric of how society works,” to quote a former Facebook executive who apparently won’t let his kids use the site, and “even he’s backed away from using it”? Rich offers what he considers an important distinction. Rich considers another such possibility in Mining Empty UFO Troves. He’s got a theory why certain “moldy oldies” iconic UFO cases never die: ufology’s “lesser lights” seek to carve niches for themselves by unearthing one more snippet of data that will attach their names to a long tradition, without adding much of value to the understanding of already-fathomed cases. (WM)

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Haley slammed for attacking Iran’s ‘lawless behavior’ while ignoring plight of Yemeni civilians

Preview The US envoy to the UN was slammed on social media over a speech blaming Iran for a missile launched at a Saudi airport last month. Some accuse Nikki Haley of lying, while others say she’s ignoring Yemeni civilians’ struggles.
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