Why Scientists Are Starting To Care About Cultures That Talk To Whales – Smithsonian

Ever been visited by a whale during a near-death experience? It’s not so outlandish should you share a heritage with the tundra’s indigines. The relationship twixt whales and the Inuit goes very far back, and becomes quite intimate, illustrating a nigh-supernatural connection between species worthy of Krista Langlois’s pen. We’re pretty sure a skywhale wasn’t breaching after this Strange Sighting Freaking Out Passengers On A Plane. Cheers to Damon Beard for the find, but where’s the original footage? After all if it’s courtesy of one of YouTube‘s UFO hoax factories. Whales aren’t the only clever critter on our weird world, as owls loom large in ancient and contemporary folklore. In this case Red Pill Junkie’s heard the owls speak of Mike Clelland’s Stories From The Messengers, and an exclusive excerpt from his 2015 book. (CS)

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