Why I’m Beginning to Dislike UFOlogy–Part One – A Different Perspective

Kevin Randle’s Case in Point: the 1995 “Alien Autopsy” film still has legitimacy advocates. Commenters cite the more recent “Roswell Slides” episode as a complete fabrication rather than a mixture of hoax and honest but stupid mistake(s). Kevin lets the reader/listener judge one aspect of that debate with Don Schmitt, Adam Dew and the Roswell Slides. We don’t think Peter Robbins has any dislike for UFOlogy, recent events notwithstanding. As Tim Binnall’s long-running podcast moves toward its close, he welcomes back the person he credits as the first person of note in the field who treated him seriously. Peter Robbins and Tim relive that first meeting, touch upon the current Big Story of the Pentagon UFO study program, and remember Budd Hopkins and Jim Marrs. But most of the conversation deals with Peter’s general philosophy about life as well as UFOs and ufology. Peter is a remarkable storyteller and he particularly surprised Binnall and this listener with accounts of his younger gadabout travels in Asia. Peter promises a book someday on this. Almost no mention was made of the Rendlesham mess. (WM)

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