Were Human Guinea Pigs at Skinwalker Ranch Part of the Secret Pentagon UFO Program? – Daily Grail

Miguel (“Red Pill Junkie”) Romero raises that question following the revelations in a “Statement from a Senior Manager of BAASS” (Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies) published last weekend. Romero includes a “trailer” from a 2013 movie that is balanced by an excellent short interview Alejandro Rojas did with Col. John B. Alexander, one of those who studied the ranch: Army Colonel Reveals Amazing Skinwalker Ranch Stories. This additional material about that once-secret Pentagon program can be connected to why the British Ministry of Defence got out of its own publicly-acknowledged UFO studies program. Jasper Hamill makes that connection with Pentagon and MoD officials feared UFOs were Either ‘demonic’ or sent by God, Former Investigators Reveal, a story Nick Redfern broke eight years ago in Final Events and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the Afterlife. Nick Pope notes the same religious beliefs in part drove resistance within the UK military establishment, as they would do with the more recent U.S. program–and indeed were encountered by Col. Alexander when he tried to get “a real budget” in the late 1980s for a similar study, the Advanced Theoretical Physics (ATP) project. Jack Brewer got our News Editor Chris Savia’s attention with his tweet at Jack Brewer, which underscores the heat one of the To The Stars…Academy of Arts & Science folks seems to be feeling. Brewer in turn directs us to John Greenewald’s Dr. Eric Davis, TTSA and the Blatantly False Information Being Touted – Along With Out of Line Insults Towards Various Researchers. (WM)

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