Washington State Sasquatch Bills Bogged Down By Bureaucracy – Coast2Coast AM

Why is it Washington State can legalize weed, but not sasquatch? It’s been keeping Tim Binnall up at night and, cathartically, he lays out the politics behind the delay better’n C-SPAN. No word if Pennsylvania will adopt a state cryptid anytime soon despite Lon Strickler’s reports of a ‘Bizarre ‘Black Being’ Encountered Near Pittsburgh. From looking at the sketches, this could be a case of a shadow bigfoot. A shadow bigfoot? What’s The Anomalist smoking anyway? Well it’s not as dank as the stuff in Nick Redfern’s pipe as he remembers a Bigfoot: Tusked And With Backwards Feet way out in Mississippi. Making this outlandish tale all the more intriguing is the orang pendek connection. (CS)

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