Video: Strange Fog Appears In Hong Kong Dashcam Video – Coast to Coast AM

Feeling a little bit like “found footage,” this video at first glance depicts a cab driving down the road at night being attacked by a directed burst of fog. It all seems a bit too specific to the single car though. Most of us have experienced fog while driving home at night, and it generally doesn’t swirl in and dissipate quite so specifically as in this video. (Unless you’re watching either the 1980 or 2005 remake of The Fog.) We’re leaning in the direction of hoax without more information. And since we’re discussing frightening drives home at night. take a look at Bizarre Encounters with Road Trolls. While there’s not enough information to come up with any definitive explanation for these encounters, the possibility of a tall, raggedy, hairy hobo with a peg leg and a curious, non-aggressive manner traveling cross country is pretty close to non-existent. But it did make us remember witness accounts of seeing owls during what would turn out to be alien encounters. Could this be the same type of anomaly? Lost time anyone? (CM)

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