Vale Art Bell, The Voice Of The Paranormal – Daily Grail

Knock us over with a feather, Art Bell has crossed the rainbow bridge. At least it was on a Friday the 13th, as Greg Taylor notes in his reflection upon Art’s life and contriutions to weird. For a more comprehensive overview of Bell’s oeuvre, Loren Coleman honors Art Bell Making His Final Exit On Friday the 13th by listing gol’ durn everything exceptin’ the names of all of Art Bell’s pets over the years. Here at The Anomalist, we reflect upon the good times he gave us through those long nights like The Frantic Caller from Area 51. More au courant is this caller who claims to have met his Time-Travelling Grandson. Heck, Art interviewed Bob Lazar long before Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell made UFOs cool for millennials. Of course if life imitated art, then Art would be back in 6 months claiming he was on the run from suspicious men in black parked outside of his home. Instead we’ll have to cross our fingers he picks up when we drag out the Ouija board, or at least he has voicemail in the afterlife. (CS)

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