Uruguay: Was It a UFO? – Inexplicata

Inexplicata–The Journal of Hispanic Ufology–presents us with three cases today. Magdalena Martinez supplies an article interesting on several counts. It might be useful to publish a good photograph of how the cloud cover made the commercial airliner look so anomalous; we get a sense of the national pride of an interesting country; and we’re intrigued at the operations of its “Flying Object Report Reception & Investigation Committee.” The theorizing is certainly enthusiastic in Mexico: UFO Sighting at Pena de Bernal. With Mexico: UFOs Recorded in the Skies over Coahulla and Monterey Researcher Yohanan Diaz does seem a bit “carried away by emotion” in describing some photographs taken by an “extraterrestrial contactee.” What do you think about the pictures? Let us know on Facebook. (WM)

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