UFOs (Today) are So Unsexy! – UFO Conjectures

Apparently Rich Reynolds is not enamored of “Flying Tic-Tacs,” not even mentioning (which he does) mere “lights in the sky.” Not to mention, again, that such current UFOs don’t even seem to sport “Space Brothers” (and “Sisters”!). On the question of UFO Trauma or Exploitation? Rich proposes a kind of “sense check” to UFO witness claims by monitoring their post-event lives. We think a person could report a genuine anomalous experience, appreciate the subsequent attention they received, and even create “new” experiences to make a little money and/or stay in the limelight. The human makeup is quite complicated, as Rich will agree–but his concluding paragraphs are persuasive. Rich’s third offering Dealing with UFO Madness, Even the Foolish Kind…… is an interesting variation on one of his major ufological themes. It’s also a kind of apologia for the skeptics, whom Rich admits to be “a little rabid, some of them”–and thus a little “mad,” themselves. (WM)

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