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Rich Reynolds asks a basic question that should give pause to anyone who entertains extraterrestrial physical craft as the cause of certain UFOs. There are several potential answers–17 Comments to this post, at last check–but it’s worth asking how solid any of them, or the suppositions upon which they are based, are. Having cogitated upon that, we go to Rich’s The Psychiatric Patina of (Most?) UFO Accounts. Rich hearkens back to his “lights” concern previously noted, but recognizes that some “daytime” UFOs resist explanations along the lines he’s proposing, and that “The phenomenon remains open to questions.” Even with some of its most-discussed and overemphasized cases, as Rich brings up with Redfern, Roswell, and Recidivism. The classic work by Charles Mackay that Rich cites appears to have been reprinted in 2013 and might make a valuable addition to any anomalist’s bookshelf, whatever one thinks of its application in Rich’s article to the famous 1947 Walter Haut Press Release. (WM)

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