UFO Investigations: The Science And The Will To Believe – NPR

Marcelo Gleiser admits that it’s “no wonder that the military and the general public are interested” by the December 16th revelations of a secret UFO study program and two videos, one of which Gleiser terms “striking.” In place of “being fooled by a deeply ingrained belief” into a premature extraterrestrial conclusion, Gleiser touts his own “rational argument,” based upon his particular reading of the evidence, for proper caution. The article’s force might be stronger were it not for some factual insufficiencies, and ET or not, there appears to be hard technical data–and perhaps “harder” materials–that seem to require scientific attention. Rich Reynolds thinks UFOs Have Always Adjusted to Humanity’s Mind-Set(s). Rich conjectures that the appearance and behavior of UFOs are largely informed by human behavior and its changes through the ages. Micah Hanks’ Eerie Lights Over Early Massachusetts: The First UFO Sightings in the New World provides a possible test for some ideas in the prior two articles. Cases in point: the “flying pig” sighting Massachusetts Bay Colony Governor John Winthrop recorded on March 1, 1639, and the “mystery lights” that Winthrop noted four years later. Dean Balsamini brings things back to the present when he says that Manhattan Reported More UFO Sightings Than Any Other Borough over the last two years. The National UFO Reporting Center’s Peter Davenport re-emphasizes facts with his “I believe what the data says,” noting that “these objects we’ve been calling UFOs for 70 years are being seen across the country and around the world on a daily basis.” How would the data about “clusters of red, orange, amber, yellow or gold lights” that Peter notes have been reported since 2012 fit into the discussion? (WM)

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