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Inspired by Billy Cox’s latest post, A Question of Ownership, Jack Brewer highlights recent public relations “bobbles” by those related to the To The Stars…Academy of Arts & Science and “Team Bigelow.” Brewer continues to urge caution in accepting “at face value” what’s been dribbling out from these sources concerning the AATIP. The fact that the very expansion of that acronym is still unclear–“Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program” or “Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program”–would tend to support Brewer’s points. From a distance, Rich Reynolds surveys the recent “kerfuffle” between some UFO researchers on one aspect of the matter and thinks the whole AATIP topic is Looking for (UFO) Answers in all the Wrong Places. Jim Harold invites William J. Birnes to speak on another aspect of UFOs and the Government in UFOs and the White House. Birnes’ new book, coauthored with Joel Martin, actually goes back even further than 1776, including Colonial and Revolutionary UFO and other anomalous sightings. So much time is spent upon these that Presidents Ford onward aren’t covered in the discussion. Birnes unsurprisingly maintains the late Philip Corso’s claims about reversing Roswell alien technology. Micah Hanks examines the most recent end of the Presidential cavalcade in All the President’s Little Green Men: UFOs and the 2016 U.S. Election. (WM)

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