UFO Caught on Video Shooting across Coast Skies – Sunshine Coast Daily

Here are three cases of UFO imagery submitted by people who’ve a history of sightings. Sarah Barnham has a piece of video that wasn’t as exotic to us as the story told by an Australian woman promoting something called a “Quantum Contact Global Movement.” Kristine Tarbert describes a video of ‘Triangle UFOs’ Filmed Flying out of Canyon. The “UFO Hunter” who runs a Youtube channel and captured the video footage says it’s his “best one yet.” Some think it’s a “secret spy plane developed by the US military”, and there may be more prosaic explanations, too. Jeremy D. Wells questions some Northern Kentucky UFO Sightings? Here’s a woman who treasures her privacy but is seeking answers for a variety of sightings occurring near the family home. Like many of us, she had a frightening anomalous experience years ago, and the recent activity is concerning. (WM)

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