Train Passenger Believes He Spotted Britain’s Bigfoot – Coast to Coast AM

Imagine riding a train across Britain and you see something strange in the passing countryside. Guess what? You’re the only one who sees it because everyone else is staring at their digital devices. Anomalists, let’s make a pact right now to never miss an opportunity to witness the strange because we couldn’t pull ourselves away from our cellphones. Having said that, let’s go old school with Nick Redfern as he reviews some old, bad movies that have us wanting to search the archives for copies. Nazi Gold & Men in Ape-Suits & Bigfoot is Redfern’s take on why it can be so hard to spot a Bigfoot hoax. Then in true tongue-in-cheek fashion, he presents some of the schlockiest apeman movies ever made. Get the popcorn popping. (CM)

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