Things Are Super Weird Right Now, But It’s Not a Glitch in The Matrix, Says Harvard Physicist – Science Alert

As our readers are no doubt aware, the past year has had more than its fair share of what we will term Unexpected Outcomes. But just when we’re about to take solace in the thought that life here is just a computer simulation that could improve drastically with just a few tweaks from our highly advanced future selves, a physicist at Harvard University has stolen our joy. Professor Lisa Randall has brought common (and less fun) sense to the table with the admonishment that we need to be more realistic in how we view life and the universe, because it seems pretty darn unlikely anyone anywhere would want to simulate the human lifecycle. (Ouch!) So if our lives are not a computer program, what’s going on with the Monk’s Body Miraculously Intact 80 Years After Death? This Russian Buddhist leader has been entombed for 8 decades, and samples taken by researchers from the Russian State University for the Humanities claim his body shows no signs of necrosis: his joints continue to be pliable and there is absolutely no stench of decay. Explain that one Dr. Randall. (CM)

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