The UFO Reality? – UFO Conjectures

Rich Reynolds considers some of the more mind-bending aspects of this thing called “ufology.” Rich ponders just what “reality” really is, and how that applies to UFOs. With The Imposed [sic] Restriction on a UFO Explanation, Rich expresses hope that a young “UFO ‘messiah'” will arise to explain UFOs “out of the dust stirred up by Tom DeLonge and his errant followers.” Maybe part of the answer lies in the relationship between some UFOs and Inter-Dimensionality. Here Rich instances more of those fascinating CEIII cases that Paul Dean, Albert Rosales, and others have provided that challenge the simple ET hypothesis for all UFOs. But it is hard to imagine a story more challenging than A Strange, Folkloric-like Account of a UFO Abduction in Africa. This, as Rich says, “is the kind of UFO ‘tale’ that takes us into a weird account of reality.” The result is a frightful and sobering narrative that leaves Rich, and the reader, again confronting that unanswered question of just what “reality” is. (WM)

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