The Strange, Counterintuitive Properties Of Water, Explained – Seeker

Water, water, everywhere, but we don’t understand half of its properties. Worse, 71% of our planet is covered by the stuff and we’re 65% water. Hoping to make the topic a bit more crystal clear, John Dyer addresses The Strange, Counterintuitive Properties Of Water. Also to quench your curiosity, here’s a flashback to how the Building Blocks Of Life May Have Formed In Water Droplets, the The Fourth Phase Of Water, and how Physicists Just Discovered A Second State Of Liquid Water. Going off the deep end, Lara Deauville wonders Are These Scientists About To Switch-Off Gravity? If so, then everyone can stop trying to lose weight for bikini season thanks to the mavericks at Hover Brothers’s attempts to levitate rocks with SCIENCE! (CS)

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