The Strange Case of the Left-Handed UFO – High Strangeness

Mark O’Connell notes a bunch of “leftness” in the Betty and BarneyHill abduction case, and wonders what’s up with that apparent “cosmic, left-handed synchronicity.” He continues his “sinister” quest with a “Fuller” examination in The Strange Case of the Left-Handed UFO–Part II. As Mark has noted in this matter as elsewhere: The phenomenon persists. Of course, he’s not tallied the number of times a “right” reference occurs, and in some examples, such as a driver getting out of a car, a leading leg being left is only natural, but judge whether you think Mark is right in being bemused by his findings. And speaking of the Hills, don’t regard as frivolous the post entitled Alien Abductees in TV Game Shows?. Miguel “Red Pill Junkie” Romero has a valuable article giving early abductee Barney Hill his due as a brave individual trying to do the right thing under incredibly stressful circumstances. And the venerable video clip from the TV program “To Tell the Truth” is indeed the “rare historical jewel” that RPJ claims. (WM)

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