The Snow Creature: Horrific Hokum! – Mysterious Universe

Many of our readers no doubt wonder what Nick Redfern does when he’s not hunting the Chupacabra or publishing cryptozoological tomes. Wonder no longer. Evidently Nick is an aficionado of really, really, really bad scary creature movies, so we can see Movie Critic in the list of Nick’s second career choices. We hope the popcorn was really great Nick. Next, Micah Hanks reports on what might be some of the first (scary?) Sasquatch sightings, going back to the late 14th century. Wild Beasts of the Mountain: An Early Account of Siberian “Wild Peopleâ€� gives us much food for thought and, upon summarizing his report, Hanks ponders the possibility that demonology may in fact have been erroneously based upon sightings of “relict non-human bipedal primates.” That might give some right wing folks a few sleepless nights. (CM)

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