‘The Simpsons’ Has Predicted a Lot. Most of It Can Be Explained – The New York Times

Is Matt Groening’s cash cow a 21st century Nostradamus? Well if you swing at every pitch, you’re bound to make a few hits. Some of those are political horse hockey, yet Maya Salam has a respectable collection to leave you scratching your noggin. Maybe John Swartzwelder, Al Jean, and other alums found inspiration for their prognostications in dreams. From low-brow to high-brow, there’s something familiar to be found within The Enthralling, Anxious World Of Vladimir Nabokov’s Dreams. We hope Dan Piepenbring does visit our humble site from time to time, because his mind would be completely blown by Eric Wargo’s The Nightshirt. Mixing both these stories up like so much peanut butter and chocolate, Alex Tsakiris invites Michael Tsarion on the podcast to elaborate upon the question, Why Conspiracy Work Is Spiritual Work. If you’ve never listened to Skeptiko before, this installment is an exemplar of when Alex is running on all cylinders, unabashedly approaching taboo topics to get at tougher questions running at oblique angles. A must listen! (CS)

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