The Phaistos Disk and UFO Fakery – UFO Conjectures

We were starting to wonder whether the mysterious Cretan “Phaistos Disc” was just somebody doodling, as no real progress has been made in interpreting its spiralized symbolic streams in over a hundred years. Rich Reynolds alerts us to some measure of success in at least vocalizing it, and perhaps even rather beyond that. The linked video is a testament to the best of archaeological collaboration. But then Rich provides a “buzzkill” in noting the numerous hoaxes in the “digging science,” adds a few of his own favorite hoaxes, and throws in a wikipedia link to a whole slew of proven ones. All this is fascinating on its own, and Rich extends his argument by observing that ufology is not essentially different in this malady from other fields of study, even those more “respectable.” Rich’s statement that “‘ufology’ is bespeckled by sham and contrivance” seems true for “alternative archaeology” as well, as evidenced in Jason Colavito’s “Smart Drug” Biohacker Explains Why He Believes in Graham Hancock and the Lost Civilization. Describing an ignorant and frankly racial reconstruction of the development of the Egyptian pyramids, Colavito remarks “What’s amazing is that this argument hasn’t changed appreciably in centuries.” Though occasionally letting his righteous anger get the best of him, Colavito’s Review of Ancient Aliens S13E02 “Da Vinci’s Forbidden Codes” gives numerous reasons why one should pass on such TV shows. NBA post-season instead, anyone? (WM)

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