The Mysterious Pyramids of China – Travel at 60

A contributor to this intriguing website relates an infectiously-interesting tale about the Kingdom of Western Xia–and its peculiar rammed-earth pyramids. Concerning the other side of Eurasia, Jamie Seidel presents the Enigma of the Bluestones: Where did Stonehenge Builders Get Them From?. Dr. Brian John derides the “theory of the week” syndrome driven by a media hungry for new and improved stories about the amazing monument. John’s got what he thinks is a better, and he believes just as wonderful, solution than “Neolithic Argonauts” for how the inner monoliths at Stonehenge arrived on site. Jason Colavito examines how (pre)history can get twisted by political interests and poor research in The Radioactive Skeleton of Mohenjo Daro: How Soviet Propaganda Spiraled into a Extreme Fringe History Claim. Jason disentangles a convoluted story, tinged with his Russian hijinks theme, which could be checked to a degree by an enthusiastic and able reader. This article reflects a much larger and generally accepted view about the weaknesses present in so much of the Ancient Astronauts publications. Lastly, Jason admits he’s human and asks for readers’ help about What Was the Bat Creek Stone Inscription Intended to Depict?. Jason’s actually got three historical mysteries going here, and assistance would be appreciated. (WM)

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