The Most Bizarre Mystery Phantoms and Monsters of Japan – Mysterious Universe

Brent Swancer, one of the best resources for Japanese crypto-info, goes down the list of Japan’s creepiest critters. We don’t mind saying the whole read left us a bit squeamish and totally understanding how the monster genre for which Japan is so well known got started. Truth is always stranger than fiction. For example, his report on Weird Winged Monsters of Japan, serves as reminder that Mothman does not just hang out on North American bridges, but that the dark harbinger is actually a global phenomenon, not merely a local one. Case in point, a winged humanoid was spotted crouched on the building housing the Fukishima reactor only days before the 2011 tsunami ruined the plant and caused such destruction and loss of life. It seems the strange will find us regardless of where in the world we find ourselves. (CM)

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