The Man Who Cracked the Lottery – New York Times

You’ll need some time to read through this one, but the fun factor makes it worthwhile. It has mystery, cyber fraud, and Bigfoot. Yep, even some bigfooters break the rules. Sadly, the one in this story wasn’t very good at hunting the hairy man. Or climbing trees. Or keeping secrets. Come to think of it, he was a bit of a mess. But once you’ve finished with this modern day monster mystery, take a look at 15 Incredible Bigfoot Sightings of the 21st Century. The best part about the video clips included in this piece is that they don’t instantly scream hoax. You’ll want to mull each one over and decide for yourself. We’re not saying some aren’t hoaxes, but we are saying you’ll enjoy figuring it out for yourself. (CM)

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