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Rich Reynolds equates “greatness” in a book with its profound impact either/or/and on the “so-called phenomenon” or society. Under those ground rules, even Dr. J. Allen Hynek’s The UFO Experience would fail. Though it framed the general ufological discussion for decades and enshrined “Close Encounters” in the public mind, Hynek’s great work had not the power that time eventually felt of an Iliad, a Bible, or (shudder and more quickly) a Mein Kampf. Rich thinks the problem is “the lack of genius in the UFO world.” Rich mentions Brad Steiger, whose recent passing stimulated Nick Redfern’s Brad Steiger: Trickster Phenomena, Carl Sagan and More. Nick recounts some Steigerian stories that Rich might like to analyze. Rich also notes John Keel’s apparent “renaissance by a few in the UFO crowd.” Perhaps that’s because Keel had conversations with such fascinating characters as Gray Barker, Jim Moseley, and the subject of Special Cases–The Long Island File (86): Joe Henslik. Keelian site master Doug Skinner provides links to other entries about Henslik, in addition to a photo. Ivana Castillo describes some modern contactees in Contacteeism: New UFO Sighting Over Rosario de la Frontera. The story sounds like an Argentinian combination of 1950’s Space Brothers and Steven Greer’s CEV outings. The video falls short of even that, but at least we are told the “Pleiadans” “choose whom they wish to contact during these displays, regardless of the person’s social, cultural or religious background.” (WM)

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