The Forgotten Power Of The Imagination – Daily Grail

Greg Taylor’s been pondering some deep ideas, like Cartesian dualism. For example how can something noumenal, like consciousness, affect the phenomenal world with physical action? Rather than join that argument, Greg wants you to consider Gary Lachman’s thesis that without imagination there can be no physical world. The concept may seem simple on the surface, but Gary’s angle will open your eyes, much like Brent Swancer’s Bizarre Theories On The Nature Of Reality. Brent plays with the similar concepts, sometimes swerving into solipsism, undermining Sam Johnson’s ludicrous appeal to the stone and challenging Dick’s “Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.” Should you grayfaces disagree, dig this blast from the past where a Test Backs Up The Theory That The World Doesn’t Exist Until We Look At It. (CS)

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