The Executable Dreamtime: Language, Magic, And The Universe As Code – Daily Grail

“In the beginning was the word” may not be an allegory, but a fact as Mark Pesce considers the power of language. His thesis boils down to “If you say the word, it will come to pass”, but Pesce lays out the foundations of his theory and how to harness it to your ends. Others may not be so gifted, requiring the application of select entheogens to apprehend the godhead of creation. Picking apart overlooked books and treatises, P.D. Newman reveals The Psychedelic Secret Of Freemasonry and how DMT contributed to ancient, hermetic wisdom and traditions. Savvy readers crying “cultural appropriation” or looking askance upon Newman’s radical leaps of logic drawn from secondary sources will find comfort with Jason Colavito’s critique of this Freemason Claiming Eighteenth Century Rituals Prove Masons Got High On DMT. Sometimes the devil is in the details, rather than the root bark. (CS)

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