The DoD UFO News is Fading, Now What? – Open Minds

Alejandro Rojas lists some questions still unanswered in the wake of the revelations about the Pentagon’s secret UFO program. It’s a good reminder of the many “loose ends” to the matter, some of which are potentially even more explosive than what has so far been revealed. Rojas’ first paragraph also links to a huge “library” of related newspaper articles and interviews. This U.S. excitement has also impacted the case called “Britain’s Roswell,” as The East Anglian Daily Times asks Could US Government Hold Key Information on Rendlesham UFO Sightings? Reporter Katy Sandalls has identified another “loose end” that might have eluded us in the US. Could a 490-page document produced by the Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program contain information on the late December 1980 UFO hijinks outside an American nuclear airbase in Suffolk, England? Speaking of long-debated cases, Rich Reynolds has started reading Bruce Maccabee’s New Book about the 1947 Kenneth Arnold Sighting. Rich notes Bruce’s intention to prove an ET explanation for some UFOs in his Three Minutes in June analysis of the sighting commonly regarded as jump-starting the modern UFO era.(WM)

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