The Coker Hill Haunting 1: Dramatis Personae – Beachcombing’s Bizarre History Blog

Beach outdoes himself in this four part series devoted to a 19th century paranormal affair that comes with all his favorite anomalous trimmings. In part one, Beach combs through a tale from 1880 in which a poor woman took a fit amid strange noises in her house, which should have been no surprise if she was in a bad way. It goes without saying that Beach welcomes any additional details from his loyal readers that would help him flesh out the story. The Coker Hill Haunting 2: The Events lists those activities that give this story its essence of high strangeness, while The Coker Hill Haunting 3: A Witness offers readers the perspective of both a journalist and a physician, neither of whom could determine if the source of the activity was noisy spirit or unhinged occupant. The Coker Hill Haunting 4: The Counter Spells depict efforts at flushing out the paranormal culprit, but leave us without answers. (CM)

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