Sweetboy the Tokoloshe – The Fortean

A poltergeist by any other name is still a poltergeist. Or in this case, a tokoloshe. And one with a bad attitude to boot. The spectral troublemaker has made death threats against the family of a tiny six-room house in South Africa, assaulted them with potatoes and water (whatever a ghost has on hand, it would appear), and eluded the powers of exorcists and shamans. The family refuses to be frightened away though, displaying a certain grace under pressure that surely will wear the little beast down. Some other small beastly creatures that seem to have some staying power are described by Brent Swancer in Strange Encounters with the Bizarre Melonheads. Sounding more like an urban legend, these large headed, pale and voracious beings are said to inhabit wooded areas of the American northeast. Swancer suspects their origins may be decidedly medical (hydrocephalus) while we’re wondering if inbreeding and cousins were involved. Definitely a good tale for a campfire, though. (CM)

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