Stephen Hawking Service: Possibility Of Time Travellers “Can’t Be Excluded” – BBC

When we lost Stephen Hawking, we lost a cosmological genius and a crotchety old man who talked like a Speak-And-Spell constantly complaining about the dangers of aliens and artificial intelligence. For all we know, Steve was an artificial intelligence and the body was being kept alive much like Warhammer 40k’s God-Emperor Of Mankind. Digression aside, his skeptical snark is alive and well with the invitations to his memorial service. If Hawking was smart, he’d take into account the Time Directive rather than encouraging folks to violate the law. Should you seek to build your own time machine, perhaps the secret circuit patterns are embedded within The First UK Crop Circle Of 2018 recently discovered by Tim Binnall in Wiltshire. As you may remember, Brent Swancer quite likes playing with dolls. Not just any dolls, but cursed, haunted, and creepy dolls from Japan. Of course the land of the rising sun can’t have all the fun as Brent digs into his bag of tricks for Sinister Accounts Of Evil Haunted Dolls that make Chucky look like a namby-pamby punk. (CS)

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