Something Weird Went Down in the Woods of Washington – Mysterious Universe

What the heck happened last month in the forests of Olympic National Park? More than a hundred old growth trees were knocked down in early on the morning of January 27th and no one has any idea how or why. What they do know is a measurable seismic event took place near the centre of the tree fall, although it’s clear an earth rumble did not snap the trees. Is it time to start looking for portals opening wide and slamming shut? And it looks like there is no shortage of strange noises belting out of our skies: Video: Colorado Cops Baffled by Mystery Booms. Mind you, in this case the local residents are comparing notes on Facebook and trying to sort out who has been pranking the area since July, as opposed to assuming it’s the end of the world, so that’s progress. (CM)

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