Scots Believe They Have Met Mythical Creatures – Scottish Field

First, let us make a disclaimer–the statistics in this piece indicate that no more than 25% of the sample population believe in the mythical creatures in question. It’s not the entire population of Scotland, which seems odd for a country with Loch Ness and something like a dozen and half standing stone circles. Maybe the tourism industry needs to kick it up a notch because if ever you were going to meet a myth, it would happen in Caledonia. Of course this gets us thinking about The Loch Ness monster: how did the myth begin? The Picts made stone carvings of a massive flippered creature 15,000 years ago. In 565 AD, St. Columba is said to have driven away a monster in the loch after it bit a swimmer. There were reports in the 1930s of massive creatures stirring up the water of the loch, and let’s not forget the grand hoax that was the Surgeon’s photo (which paradoxically only made the public more interested in Nessie). In the end, we don’t know where she came from, but by gosh we’re glad Nessie arrived. (CM)

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