Robbie Graham and Robert Brandstetter – The Paracast

There’s a lot of buzz lately about UFOs: Reframing the Debate, a compilation of essays dedicated to making any reader thoughtfully review her or his own belief system about the field called “ufology”. Editor Robbie Graham and essayist Robert Brandstetter join Gene Steinberg and co-host Chris O’Brien in an interview that allows Graham to set out his purpose for the book, and features a discussion of the differing perspectives in its 14 essays. Some themes emerge in this podcast, which will be continued in Radio Misterioso’s Reframing the Debate Roundtable #1–What are We Reframing?. Topics include: ufology as religion with Disclosure its Holy Grail, the need for a more intense regard for the witnesses (and their cultural conditioning and unique experiences/personalities) as active participants in creating the data, and acknowledgement that the “UFO” phenomenon (or “phenomena”) is/are more complicated than the ’50s notion so well promoted by Major Donald Keyhoe. Greg Bishop, aka Robbie Graham’s “subeditor,” interviews essayist-colleagues Susan Demeter-St. Clair, Miles Lewis, and Miguel (“Red Pill Junkie”) Romero in the Radio Misterioso podcast. While there was perhaps a little too much agreeing and plaudit-sharing among this group, the authors’ differing “takes” on certain questions Greg raised did surface, for instance when Miguel Romero raised the question if the Kenneth Arnold sighting/”modern UFO era” happened last week–rather than 70 years ago–how would one go about organizing a group to investigate the new phenomenon?” This discussion dwelt some on criticisms, apparently from some who’d not yet read the book, that what was in it wasn’t anything new. We’ll see. (WM)

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