Researchers Claim Ancient Greeks Sailed to Canada – Mysterious Universe

Paul Seaburn strikes again with an entertaining tale cooked up by Greek thinkers who’ve squeezed out “history” from a story in a book by Plutarch. Plutarch was a 1st-2nd CE biographer of famous Greeks and Romans who also wrote a book called Moralia, and it’s from the latter that the current Greek team has drawn its inspiration. Seaburn points out some of the weaknesses in the “Greeks in Canada” theory, most glaringly that there is absolutely no physical evidence to support it. Jason Colavito exhaustively attacks the theory in Greek Scientists Claim Plutarch Recorded Ancient Greek Voyages to Canadian Colony. Colavito points out astronomical, geographical, literary, mythological, and historical knowledge problems in the authors’ attempt “to reduce myth and legend to historical fact,” and sets the story in the Moralia into a larger Greek speculative context. (WM)

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