Psychoanalysis and the Occult—Revisited – Parapsychology

A recent Special Issue of the Hungarian psychoanalysis journal IMÃ�GÓ Budapest is entitled “Psychoanalysis and the Occult: Transference, Thought-Transference, Psychical Research.â€� Articles include “Freud as a Psychical Researcher: The Impossible Freudian Legacy” by Renaud Evrard et al., “The Unorthodox Silberer” by journal editor Júlia Gyimesi, “Deleuze’s Animal Magnetism as a Theoretical Parallel for the Theory of Psychoanalytic Technique” by Bartholomeu Vieira, and “Telemarketing” (It’s not what you think) by Csilla Hunya. Carlos Alvarado provides abstracts and a link to the issue itself, which is in English. (PH)

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