Peter Rogerson Has Left Us For Magonia – Clas Svahns Blogg

Clas Svahn pens a heartfelt remembrance of one of Magonia’s early contributors and eventual senior book reviewer who died last week after a battle with cancer. Rogerson’s hard hitting reviews fought against the forces of unreason that threatened the establishment. He certainly will leave a void in the fortean world of book reviews. And this just in: Magonia editor John Rimmer’s Remembering Peter. Since we are on the subject of highly critical book reviewers, here are a couple by Jason Colavito, the first is a Review of “Egregores: The Occult Entities That Watch Over Human Destiny” by Mark Stavish, which gets one-and-a-half stars. Next is a Review of “Prometheus and Atlas” by Jason Reza Jorjani , which gets reprinted from the Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture. Key quote: Jorjani “never considers that the ‘spectral’ might be fictitious (or, for that matter, genuinely divine), and he seems to see in it a common enemy that can unite the planet behind his call, borrowed from Nietzsche, to remake the world under a ‘spiritual aristocracy of post- human supermen.’” (PH)

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